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Hey guys it's me D. Williams a.k.a Daryl Williams! Who's Daryl Williams? Just a fledgling Open Mic comedian that's trying his best at stand up comedy. He also interviews other comics just starting out, trying their best to make people laugh as well. Tune in every week for an inside look into what it takes to become a great stand up comedian.

Oct 16, 2017

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this episode, ep. 69! On this special episode I talk to returning guest, Anthony Mojica! We talk about Disneyland, Cosplay, living in east LA, and so much more! Subscribe where ever you get podcasts. 

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Sep 27, 2017

Hey guys sorry for the delay! Thank you for tuning in to this episode. On this exciting episode I have an old friend and also co-host / partner in crime Michael Smith aka Smitty to share a few stories from back in the day. We talk about our early college show called The Smitty and D Show, our podcast sketch show...

Sep 11, 2017

Hey guys! It's me, Daryl Williams with another great episode starring a fabulous open mic comedian, Ness Ocampo! We talk about her early days growing up, her first open mic, her first joke she told in 3rd grade, her favorite comedians, her favorite rap songs, what our Wu-Tang Clan names would be, and about our favorite...

Aug 31, 2017

Hey guys! Sorry for the delay on this ep. I've been super busy crushin' the open mics as well as they day job. Wah wah, I know. Anyhoo, on this episode I have a great open mic comedian that goes by the name of Dakota Humphreys. We talk about his favorite comedians, growing up in Colorado, we make up a movie starring...

Aug 19, 2017

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode with very special guests, Cheya Cary and Clare Dickerson. They're a huge comedic power couple who run in and around the LA scene. On this hilarious ep. we talk all about how they met, their first time on stage, what podcasts they do (Hey Whoopie Cat!, Trent Talk,