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Hey guys it's me D. Williams a.k.a Daryl Williams! Who's Daryl Williams? Just a fledgling Open Mic comedian that's trying his best at stand up comedy. He also interviews other comics just starting out, trying their best to make people laugh as well. Tune in every week for an inside look into what it takes to become a great stand up comedian.

Dec 5, 2016

On this very special episode, I bring you another great interview with fellow stand up comedian, Seth Woodward. We sit down at his house to discuss all sorts of things such as, his first open mic comedy set, porn, Trump being a racist, porn, the possibility of aliens, and of course porn! We're all over the place on this one, please share and comment if you enjoy or hate it! 

Please check out Seth's podcast The Good Word With Woodward subscribe on Soundcloud and iTunes. Follow Seth on Twitter @SethWoodward2 and on Instagram @woodward.seth See Seth perform Dec. 14th @ The Doll Hut 8pm in Anaheim, CA.

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