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Hey guys it's me D. Williams a.k.a Daryl Williams! Who's Daryl Williams? Just a fledgling Open Mic comedian that's trying his best at stand up comedy. He also interviews other comics just starting out, trying their best to make people laugh as well. Tune in every week for an inside look into what it takes to become a great stand up comedian.

Apr 17, 2017

Hey guys! Thanks for tuning in to this week's episode! It's another solo episode this week where I review another "great" open mic set. Not only that, I talk about some movies out right now and I also talk about my recent trip to a strip club. This week's premises are about weird human instincts, gay vs. super gay, and the absurdity of military time. Thanks again for listening folks, and don't forget to tell a million people that you love the show. 

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This week's music come's from the band Tool. I don't think Maynard will sue me only because he's too busy making fabulous wine in Arizona. Yup, I'm sticking with that. 

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