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Hey guys it's me D. Williams a.k.a Daryl Williams! Who's Daryl Williams? Just a fledgling Open Mic comedian that's trying his best at stand up comedy. He also interviews other comics just starting out, trying their best to make people laugh as well. Tune in every week for an inside look into what it takes to become a great stand up comedian.

May 14, 2017

Hey guys! Big thanks goes out to everyone who made this episode possible! This 1 year anniversary LIVE SHOW SPECTACULAR BANANZA would've never happened without some very cool and generous people! This show is packed full of laughs from some of my favorite people in the OC comedy scene. Featuring:

Randall "Rude Morales (@rudeawakeningmoments)


Seth Woodward (@woodward.seth)

Anthony Mojica (@tonercharmer)

Marty Wurst (@thewurstpictures)

Tony Alfano (@adolf_shitler)

April Lotshaw (@aprillotshaw)

Ramon Hernandez (@rhhernandez841)

Josh Waldrop (@socalfranchize)

Kyle Gridley (@kgrid03)

and pecial surprise guest Dakota Freeman (@dakotafreeman1029)

Thank you to all of the comics that came to support this show! Please go check all of them out and follow and subscribe to the show to hear more live shows in the future! 

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Oh and if you're wondering where the great intro music came from. It was created by a great musician and friend, Eric Daino. If you need any music or just want to hear him play check out his bandcamp website